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At Evolution Grass we are known for being artificial grass installers. Do you want a change in your life? Evolution Grass helps you to achieve it.


    Welcome to Evolution Grass

    The trend in outdoor decoration has been evolving and nowadays artificial grass has become one of the most used elements for decoration. Are you in doubt about what kind of grass you are going to install? We will advise you.

    We welcome you to Evolution Grass, the place where you will find the best artificial grass installer. If you want to give a spark to your life, installing artificial grass may be just what you need. Whether it’s for your home, your business or a sports area this is an excellent option.

    What makes us leaders?

    Manufacturing in Spain

    The products we work with are manufactured in Spain; therefore, we offer a quality product at the best price.

    Highest quality

    All the products we install must carry the ISO certification that accredits it as a quality product.


    We offer our customers a product with the best appearance and optimal performance.

    Consolidated Experience

    Each year that passes leaves us a great contribution of experiences, which allows us to offer the best service of installation and advice.

    Why install Artificial Grass in Alicante? 

    By installing artificial grass in Alicante you will be contributing to the environment by saving on the consumption of one of our most precious resources: water.

    The waste of water in the maintenance of natural grass has placed the province of Alicante as one of the areas with the highest rate of pollution in all of Spain. 

    Become an ally of the environment by installing artificial grass in Alicante.

    Home Turf

    Artificial grass in the home is an excellent option for decorating terraces and gardens. Not only that, but there is a growing trend to bring it into the home.

    Interior designers are opting for this type of decoration, achieving amazing results thanks to the versatility of the product combined with the different decorative styles available.

    Featured Products

    Sports turf

    The sports range of artificial grass was designed to reduce maintenance and increase the strength of the product.

    The investment in R+D+I has resulted in a quality product which, when applied to different pitches, meets the manufacturing requirements of international organisations: FIFA, FIH, IFT…

    That is why, Evolution Grass is positioned as one of the leading companies in the market of artificial turf for sport.

    Featured Products

    Business Lawn

    Do you want spectacular common areas without maintenance? Artificial grass is the solution for your business. That’s right, in Evolution Grass we also install synthetic turf for companies looking to redecorate their spaces.

    The image is a very important part of any brand, so in Evolution Grass we install specific products to harmonize your workplace with urban green areas.

    Featured Products

    Installation possibilities

    Installation possibilities

    Preparing the ground before installation is an indispensable task. Afterwards, the installation of the anti-weed mesh will be carried out and finally the installation of the artificial grass.

    Installation on tile

    To lay artificial turf on a tiled surface, you must first clean the surface thoroughly and then lay the artificial turf.

    Installation on concrete

    For a correct installation of artificial grass on a concrete surface, it is essential that it has either the right slope for the efficient drainage of water or a drain for proper drainage. Subsequently, the installation of the artificial turf will be installed directly on this concrete surface.

    Wall installation

    Installing artificial grass on a wall will give it a unique and original decorative touch. For a correct installation of artificial turf on a wall, the surface must be smooth, clean and completely glued to the piece of turf.

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