Low Fiber Artificial Grass

The models of the artificial grass range from 6mm to 25mm are specific products for very frequent use environments. Ask for a quote now!


    Low Fiber Artificial Grass: 20mm

    Description and characteristics

    This range of quality products is characterized by being the most resistant; therefore, its manufacture was made thinking about the places where the traffic is very busy. 

    The manufacture of this line was made thinking about covering the needs of our clients, and their specifications confirm it. The fibers, which range from 6 millimeters to 25 millimeters, are the shortest.

    The environments in which this range of products should be used are: balconies, terraces, restorations, pet areas, commercial areas, playgrounds, and public areas.

    Below is a technical sheet with an overview of the attributes that each of the products have in common:

    • Height: from 6 mm to 25 mm.
    • Stitches: from 14,700 to 15,750.
    • Weight: 870 grs/m2 up to 1.990 grs/m2.
    • Softness: 80%.

    Artificial Grass Models 6mm- 25mm

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