Artificial Decorative Turf

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    Artificial Decorative Turf

    Description and characteristics

    There is a very varied range of colours and resistances ideal for fairground decoration or inside your home, giving a fresher and more natural appearance. Depending on the use that you are going to give it, you should consider the thickness and the thickness.

    It is hypoallergenic, flammable, reduces the impact of falls, does not accumulate static charges, resists traffic, is easy to wash and drains water very effectively.

    Products suitable for decoration

    The variety of colours makes it easily applicable for kindergartens and school interiors. It decorates internal and external walls and gives a fresh and innovative look to any room.

    Decorative Turf Technologies

    Artificial Decorative Turf

    SoftMaxTech technology provides a softness that will make you want to walk and rest on your artificial grass every time.

    It also gives a pleasant feeling when walking, making it ideal for rest areas.

    Artificial Decorative Turf

    The Max Drain System technology prevents puddles from building up and makes cleaning quick and easy.

    In addition, any liquid spilled on it will also be drained.

    Artificial Decorative Turf

    Transit with shoes causes friction, which leads to the annoying appearance of electrostatic discharges. However, the AntistaticTech technology with which these synthetic grasses are manufactured prevents the accumulation of electrical charges.

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