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    Artificial Grass in ValenciaSaving and design, is that not enough? With the artificial grass you will manage to save more water than watering a natural grass, since the Valencian Community is characterized by its high temperatures and low rainfall. Besides, you will give your home a chic touch.

    In Evolution Grass we offer you a quality service, as we have specialized technicians who can advise you on everything you need to achieve a unique and modern space.

    Advantages of buying artificial grass with Evolution Grass

    • Economical, durable and sustainable: it represents a higher initial investment but, in the long run, it is cheaper than natural grass. In addition, it does not require maintenance with chemicals, thus being more beneficial to the environment.
    • Variety of options: in Evolution Grass we have a wide range of models of different heights, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
    • Maintenance: hardly any maintenance, no watering or drying routines required. This way, your lawn is in perfect condition for much longer.

    Why install artificial turf in Valencia?

    Valencia is an area with a temperate Mediterranean climate, which means that the average annual temperature is 17ºC and there is little rainfall, which makes the total cost of having a natural lawn very expensive.

    At present, artificial grass is one of the most popular trends within the area of gardening and outdoor decoration.

    In Evolution Grass we offer you products with quality materials, easy to install and that do not deteriorate over time.

    In addition, we have a highly qualified team that will advise you throughout the process of purchase and installation.

    We have a team of professional installers with years of experience that guarantee the correct installation of artificial grass on all types of surfaces.

    Installation possibilities

    Ground installation

    Artificial Grass in ValenciaTo install it, you must follow a few steps. First you have to neutralize the base; that is to say, place an intermediate mesh that prevents humidity from passing to the grass.

    Installation on concrete

    Artificial Grass in ValenciaOn this surface a procedure similar to the installation on tile is usually carried out. Usually the base is level, an advantage at the time of installation; the process consists of placing special glue with a good technique.

    Installation on tile

    Artificial Grass in Valencia

    This is the simplest process for installing artificial turf.

    All you have to do is prepare the work area, apply the specialised glue and make sure you use an effective cleaning technique that guarantees good work and durability.

    Wall installation

    Artificial Grass in Valencia

    As it is a vertical surface, we are faced with the most complicated process.

    This trend allows you to play with shapes and colours, making your space interesting and new.

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