Artificial grass for public areas

Decoration is very important and one of the elements that best decorate our cities is the artificial turf. Contact us now!


    Artificial grass for public areas

    Description and characteristics

    A city with green areas is a city that wants to be known, so having artificial grass in public areas is a great idea. This grass is ideal for its low maintenance and its resistance, which will make the landscaped areas of the city very low cost.

    Artificial grass has qualities such as its ability to look good in spite of the weather and resistance to changes in climate, making it an ideal choice for decorating public spaces.

    Another characteristic to highlight is that it has a great resistance to fire.

    Height: from 25mm to 40mm
    Stitches: from 8800 to 12.600
    Weight: from 1. 484 grs/m2 2.890 grs/m2
    Recovery: 100%.

    Products suitable for public areas

    In Evolution Grass we have developed specific products to achieve, giving color to urban areas, the feeling of naturalness.

    It is ideal for private gardens, pet play areas, commercial use, terraces, green areas, public and private swimming pools, high level restorations and, in general, very crowded areas.

    Lawn technologies for public areas

    Artificial grass for public areas

    It is necessary to apply in these areas grass with the TechLongLife technology, which provides a long life and resistance.

    With this technology we guarantee that the natural look of the synthetic turf will always remain impeccable.

    Artificial grass for public areas

    When artificial turf is located in areas such as public parks, it needs to be able to drain rainwater easily and quickly.

    That’s why the MaxDrainSystem technology is so important. It also allows dirt and other liquids to be drained away.

    Artificial grass for public areas

    The FireProofSystem technology covers the fibres of the artificial turf with materials that protect it from direct exposure to fire.

    This technology is useful because in a public space the risk of accidental exposure to fire is increased.

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