Artificial Grass for Walls

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    Artificial Grass for Walls

    Description and characteristics

    Artificial grass can be used to cover walls for decoration purposes, but you should choose the right one. You will recognize it because among its characteristics is: being resistant to the weather and having soft fibers.

    The description of this grass is as follows:

    • Softness: 100%.
    • Height: 60mm
    • Stitches: 7,560
    • Weight: 3.661 grms/m2

    Products suitable for Walls

    Interior design has adopted this new decorating option, thus allowing nature lovers to combine this hobby with decoration. Some of the most recommended models are:

    Lawn wall technologies

    Artificial Grass for Walls

    This technology is the reason why you can enjoy this grass on the outside walls of your home for as long as you like.

    It will be covered with the strongest materials on the market, giving it the maximum durability that allows it to withstand climate changes.

    Artificial Grass for Walls

    It allows the artificial grass to recover easily after a footfall or impact.

    The combination of various forms in the fibres gives it this unique property, which also makes it softer.

    Artificial Grass for Walls

    This is the technology responsible for the softness of artificial turf. 

    The professionals of the interior and exterior decoration do not reject the benefits of the softness that this technology provides and have taken advantage of it, stimulating the trend of the use of this type of original decoration.

    Get inspired by one of our wall lawn projects!

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