Artificial Grass Terranova

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    Ideal for pets


    Description and characteristics

    Terranova synthetic grass is a product with a non-fill structure, since the concentration of its fibres is so high that its texture is abundant and soft. Another characteristic is that its fibers are monofilament and are manufactured in a “C” shape.


    • Height: 35mm 90% 90%
    • Stitches: 15.750 53% 53%
    • Weight: 2.820 gr/m2 55% 55%
    • Softness: 100% 100% 100%

    Applications and Uses

    Terranova artificial turf is designed especially for pets, but that does not mean that it cannot be used for other applications.

    It can also be used in places such as: gardens, terraces, public and private swimming pools, high standing restaurants and green areas. In short, it is designed for environments with continuous traffic of people.

    Product Technologies

    Artificial Grass Terranova

    Terranova artificial turf has this feature that allows it to perfect its maximum recovery.

    Its fibres are combined with a series of shapes that give it the ability to always stand upright; moreover, with the BodyShape technology it achieves greater softness.

    Artificial Grass Terranova

    Imagine your pet jumping up and down on the artificial turf Terranova, enjoying the space you gave him.

    For this to be possible, it needs to be very strong. That’s why Evolution Grass’s Terranova grass is made with high recovery fibres that offer you the best solution for your garden.

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