Artificial grass for commercial terraces

Getting people’s attention is essential for a business. How do you think they would see that your terrace has artificial turf? Don’t wait any longer!


Description and characteristics

Your clients will appreciate how fresh the place will look with the artificial grass installed. The soft surface, which has a high density of fibres, provides a soft feeling and a soft footprint when walking.

The descriptions of this wonderful product are as follows:

Height: 30mm
Weight: 2.450 grms/m2
Stitches: 15,750
Recovery: 100%.

Products suitable for commercial terraces

Besides being used in commercial terraces, its use can be applied in playgrounds with pets, terraces, private gardens, restaurants, offices and other types of commercial premises that seek innovation in their decorations.

Commercial Terrace Lawn Technologies

Thanks to the Tech Long Life technology, in charge of keeping your artificial grass in the best conditions, your garden will be in perfect condition, despite the passing of the years.

Moreover, with this investment you will save time in maintenance and cleaning.

The MaxRecorver System is essential for spaces with a high level of traffic; it also offers you greater flexibility.

This technology ensures that the grass is firm enough to return to its natural state after each footfall.

The FireProof System technology is designed to protect your artificial grass from fire. This system covers its fibres so that the exposure is not direct.

This system is ideal for public spaces where the risk of suffering is increased.

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