Artificial grass for paddle tennis

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    Artificial grass for paddle tennis

    Description and characteristics​

    Padel is an activity that demands a lot of resistance from the grass, for this reason synthetic grass has monofilaments that give it a great recovery after contact.

    In addition, the use of polyethylene polymers gives it great strength and durability.

    The following are the data that make up the technical data sheet of artificial turf for paddle

    • Recovery: 100%.
    • Resistance: 90%.
    • Durability: 100%.

    Products suitable for paddle tennis

    Do you like playing paddle tennis? In recent times this sport has undergone an incredible boom, which makes the technical requirements much more demanding. That’s why all of our paddles are under the ITF parameters.

    These artificial grasses are applicable for facilities dedicated to paddle tennis, where a product that covers the needs and demands of the sport at a conventional and high competition level is required.

    Lawn technologies for paddle tennis courts

    Artificial grass for paddle tennis

    An artificial turf is needed that will last and provide functionality for as long as possible.

    As this sport demands strength and durability, it is manufactured with TechLongLife technology, as this gives the grass a high level of durability.

    Artificial grass for paddle tennis

    Paddle tennis requires a firm, smooth and very good recovery surface. For this reason, Bodyshape technology is incorporated into the artificial turf for paddle tennis.

    This technology is defined by bringing together a combination of different fibre forms

    Artificial grass for paddle tennis

    The maximum drainage system is incorporated into the artificial grass for paddle tennis in order to keep the surface free of water. 

    Players need to tread safely and this technology allows them to do so. It also makes maintenance easier.

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