Artificial grass for football

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    Artificial grass for football

    Description and characteristics

    Artificial grass for football has a high performance as its structure is made of multinerve or diamond shaped fibres, manufactured with the best materials and the best manufacturing techniques.

    This means that it can withstand intense conventional and professional use for a long time. This product is highly recommended by FIFA.

    Here is the technical data sheet that demonstrates the great technology behind this type of artificial turf:

    • Number of durability cycles: 6,000 to 130,000.
    • Heights: 40, 50 and 60mm.
    • Recovery: from 90% to 100%.
    • Softness: 90%.

    Products suitable for football fields

    All our products are manufactured under quality standards and following the FIFA parameters. This is why this type of grass is recommended for football, whatever the category, sports centres and particular areas.

    Football Turf Technologies

    Artificial grass for football

    Synthetic turfs with this technology have passed all performance tests for FIFA approval.

    These artificial turfs have 6,000 or more cycles and have long lifetimes, allowing you to enjoy them and get the most out of them.

    Artificial grass for football

    The development of this technology was done with the purpose of creating a fiber with more vertical memory.

    The combination of multiple polymers allows the fiber of synthetic turf for football fields to have maximum recovery and always remain straight.

    Artificial grass for football

    This technology is defined by the shape of its fibres. 

    These have been provided with three ribs, two lateral and one central, in order to provide them with a firmness that, defined by a thickness of 400 microns, guarantees their quick recovery after being stepped on.

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