Artificial Grass Infinity

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The resistance of an artificial turf


Description and characteristics

Infinity is the most durable artificial football turf in our sports collection, with over 130,000 wear cycles.

It is made up of robust fibres in the shape of Infinity Diamond, making it the most elegant, long-lasting and resilient artificial turf ever.


  • Height: 40, 50 y 60mm 100% 100%
  • Recovery: 100% 100% 100%
  • Wear cycles: 100% 100% 100%

Applications and Uses

Ideal for elegant artificial football turfs, as well as for sports areas that need a lawn with sports potential.

The resilience of its fibres means that the grass always keeps the game stable throughout the match.

Product Technologies

Infinity features the BodyShape diamond technology. Its fibers are robust and very resistant, which gives this grass a great recovery.

They are stronger and much softer fibres. SoftMax is the technology that will achieve a softness that will make you not want to get off the grass all day.

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