Artificial Grass Drive Pro

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    The resistance of an artificial turf


    Description and characteristics

    Monofilaments with BodyShape technology give artificial grass a high level of fibre resilience. In addition to using long-lasting polyethylene polymers, they make it the ideal artificial grass for paddle tennis, ideal for high competition where the surface is used intensively.


    • Recovery 100% 100%
    • Softness 90% 90%
    • Durability 100% 100%

    Applications and Uses

    Drive Pro artificial grass is suitable for high competition paddle tennis. It is a combination of fibrillation with monofilaments manufactured with a high quality and safety, as they comply with all the regulations set by the Spanish Paddle Tennis Federation.

    Product Technologies

    Artificial Grass Drive Pro

    BodyShape is defined as the mixture of shapes in the fibers that transfers to the artificial turf for paddleball an optimal recovery, replacing all the fibers by ribs.

    This method results in a softer fibre with adequate recovery. The BodyShape technology more than a shape, it covers all your needs.

    Artificial Grass Drive Pro

    Tech LongLife means that all artificial turf fibres for paddle tennis are equipped with this technology and makes the fibre more durable, making each artificial turf last much longer.

    The LongLife technology makes the turf look good for a long time.

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