Artificial grass for shop windows

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    Artificial grass for shop windows

    Description and characteristics

    Artificial grass for window dressing can vary according to the needs of the decorator.

    It can be required a resistant grass or not to the UV rays, the tone can be natural or of another tonality; also it is important to know the smoothness of its texture and its vertical memory.

    Approximate characteristics that can be used as a guide:

    • Height: from 20 mm to 55mm
    • Recovery: 100%.
    • Smoothness: 100%.

    Products suitable for shop windows

    It is a resource that decorators have been using frequently when creating combinations of decorative elements to highlight products offered to the public.

    Although its applications are innumerable, the most common use for it is to decorate shop windows for products related to: swimming pools, fashion collections for spring-summer seasons, sports articles and products for outdoor activities, among many others.

    Shop Window Grass Technology

    Artificial grass for shop windows

    SoftMaxTech is the technology that makes artificial grass incredibly soft.

    As it is not a place of traffic, you do not need a synthetic turf that has a specific softness, but you could opt for this technology in case of shop windows where the customer could have contact. 

    Artificial grass for shop windows

    When creating the shop window decoration, any kind of element can be included in the decoration.

    The lawn must always recover its original state after the object is removed, for that there is this technology in which different polymers are mixed to give it vertical memory.

    Artificial grass for shop windows

    To increase the safety of the shop window, it is not a bad idea to have a lawn that is unable to react to fire exposure. 

    This is why artificial grass with FireProofSystem technology is available. This is achieved by using a series of materials that cover the fibres to make them completely fireproof.

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