Artificial Grass for Yard

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    Artificial Grass for Yard

    ​Description and characteristics

    Perfect for your patio because it has soft fibers and a very high drainage capacity. In addition, its presentation comes in two or three colors, with shades of green and brown that give it a view very similar to that of natural grass. 

    On the other hand, it is important to emphasize its density since it gives the grass a great comfort when walking. 

    The description of this product is as follows:

    • Density: 80% – 100%.
    • Height: between 25 and 35 mm
    • Stitches: 15,750
    • Weight: 2.820 grms/m2 or 1.638 grms/m2

    ​Products suitable for yard

    It is ideal to give a more natural look to your yard; it can also be used in: terraces, attics and gardens.

    Yard Grass Technologies

    Artificial Grass for Yard

    The artificial grass for patios is designed with this technology that provides it with antibacterial components, thus becoming a safe place and not suitable for the proliferation of bacteria.

    Artificial Grass for Yard

    With the maximum drainage capacity of this system, washing is extremely simple and economical.

    Artificial Grass for Yard

    Don’t worry about bad smells from your pets getting into the garden.

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