Artificial Grass Golf Pro

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    The best game punch

    Description and characteristics

    Golf Pro offers an artificial grass with textured fibres, transforming it into a perfect surface to practice approach and putt. The artificial turf made with durable technology that gives the best shots to the size of your garden.


    • Recovery 100% 100%
    • Softness 90% 90%
    • Durability 100% 100%
    • Height: 16mm 16% 16%

    Applications and Uses

    Golf Pro is developed for artificial turf for recreational use. It is ideal for private putting greens and for the same artificial grasses in sports clubs. They are carried out following the parameters that comply with the CE regulations and the Spanish legislation.

    Product Technologies

    Artificial Grass Golf Pro
    The combination of shapes of these fibres gives the product the best recovery. This method offers a softer texture and recovery suitable for golf.
    Artificial Grass Golf Pro
    This technology gives the fibers a greater durability, making your garden perfect for much longer.

    Your perfect garden for longer!

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