Artificial Grass for Terraces

Evolution Grass artificial turf models are the best decoration for your terrace, not only for its aesthetics, but also for its strong filaments. 

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    Artificial Grass for Terraces

    Description and characteristics

    The artificial grass we offer you at Evolution Grass is designed to withstand the weather, time and constant traffic. It will be your best option if you want a green area that will take little time in maintenance and that is eye-catching.

    The use for which the artificial turf will be destined on the terrace will be decisive for the choice of the same.

    If children play on the terrace, it is advisable to install a soft fibre turf. However, if your terrace will have constant traffic, it is best to have a lawn with a greater vertical memory.

    In addition, thanks to its customised measurements, you can adapt it to the space available without wasting time or money.

    Products suitable for terrace

    Do you want to have a terrace where you can relax? Install artificial grass and you will see how what until now was a boring and uncomfortable space becomes your favorite room in the house. Let yourself enjoy and make your family, friends and pets enjoy the outdoors.

    Terrace Lawn Technologies

    Artificial Grass for Terraces

    The MaxRecover System gives your artificial turf a faster recovery. This technology gives your fibres a greater vertical memory, allowing them to recover their verticality instantly.

    This is achieved through a combination of polymers that give your synthetic turf a flawless appearance.

    Artificial Grass for Terraces

    The Tech LongLife system keeps your terrace’s artificial turf fibres in top condition, making it last longer.

    This technology takes advantage of the latest technological innovations and achieves a more durable artificial turf in the best conditions, as if it were natural.

    Artificial Grass for Terraces

    The BodyShape system is a combination of synthetic fibres that give the grass a better recovery and a unique softness.

    If necessary, this technology replaces the fibres with ribs, the characteristic nerves of the turf; in this way, an element is achieved that combines a rapid recovery of its verticality with unbeatable softness.

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