Artificial Grass Oasis

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    The perfect turf for pets


    Description and characteristics

    Introducing Oasis artificial grass, our most famous product. This synthetic grass has 25 millimetre fibres that give it a great resistance; on the other hand, its dense composition is soft.

    In addition, it looks very natural as it has fibers made in the form of curls, dyed in natural colors that give the effect of the root.


    • Height: 25mm 100% 100%
    • Stitches: 15.750 100% 100%
    • Weight: 1.638 gr/m2 75% 75%
    • Softness: 80% 80% 80%

    Applications and Uses

    This kind of artificial grass is a decorative product that can be installed in a variety of environments. 

    Therefore, both for its resistance and its naturalness, you can place this grass in: private and public swimming pools, gardens, green areas and high standing restorations.

    Product Technologies

    Artificial Grass Oasis

    If you install the Oasis artificial grass with the intention of giving your pet a space, you will succeed!

    With the help of PetFill Tech, Evolution Grass is able to fill in the artificial grass with odourless silica sand, which is ideal for your pets.

    Artificial Grass Oasis

    Do you want to keep your pet and therefore your home clean and free from harmful bacteria?

    Thanks to Evolution Grass and the Tech LandScapeEco system it will be easier. Oasis synthetic grass is created with an antibacterial fibre so bacteria cannot grow.

    Artificial Grass Oasis

    With the Oasis synthetic turf and the Maxdrain System technology the cleaning of the artificial turf is much easier and faster; it is even functional in case of rain since its maximum drainage facilitates the drainage of any liquid.

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