High Fibre Artificial Grass

The models in the 40mm to 60mm artificial turf range are specific products for moderate use environments. Request a quote now!


    High Fiber Artificial Grass: 40-60mm

    Description and characteristics

    The range of high fibre artificial grass was created to cover the needs of medium use places where the traffic is not very high but also not null.

    This line of artificial grass not only gives naturalness and freshness to your garden, but its fibers are so abundant and soft that when you walk it will be comfortable.

    The installation of these grasses is recommended in areas such as: gardens and green areas of high standing, terraces, play areas and private pools.

    This product, highly qualified with the best manufacturing, has the following characteristics:

    • Height: from 40 mm to 60 mm
    • Stitches: 7,560 to 18,900
    • Weight: 2.890 grs/m2 up to 3.661 grs/m2
    • Smoothness: 100%.

    Artificial Grass Models 40mm- 60mm

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