Artificial grass for playgrounds

The safety of children is our main concern, so we have created exclusive lawns with shock-absorbing bases – contact us now and find out why we are market leaders!


    Description and characteristics

    The line of artificial grass for playgrounds must meet a number of requirements; for example, they must be soft, not accumulate static energy and be anti-bacterial.

    In addition, in Evolution Grass we have artificial turf prepared with exclusive shock-absorbing bases so that the youngest can play without worrying about anything other than “who is wearing it”.

    Another common feature, but not a requirement, is the variety of colors available. Playground grass meets the following description:

    • Anti-static: 100%.
    • Fire retardant: 100%.
    • Antibacterial: 100%.

    Products suitable for playgrounds

    Its use is intended for playgrounds where the safety of the youngest is a concern. Another application is to decorate interiors, exteriors and commercial windows.

    Color Kids Blue 20mm

    Color Kids Yellow 20mm

    Color Kids Red 20mm

    Color Kids Green 20 mm

    Color Kids Black 20mm

    Playground Turf Technologies

    Our children’s skin is still very delicate and needs great care.

    For this reason, we created the synthetic grass line with SoftMaxTech technology. This provides incredibly soft fibres, giving you the confidence to let your child play on the playground.

    Walking on artificial turf creates friction, and with this the accumulation of static electricity. 

    To avoid this uncomfortable situation, playground equipment is equipped with TechAntiStatic technology that prevents the accumulation of such charges.

    This technology has an advanced coating for the artificial turf fibres that prevents it from reacting to direct exposure to fire.

    We believe this will give you peace of mind, which is why our grass is manufactured with the best quality and technology.

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