Artificial Grass Provenza

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    The softness made of artificial turf

    Description and characteristics

    Provenza synthetic grass has a technology designed to give a greater softness to the fibers of the artificial grass, which combines with fibers of the central nerves and leaves as a result a fiber with an incredible softness and a high recovery.

    In addition, its natural appearance is the result of the addition of natural-tone curls to the structure.


    • Height: 38mm 100% 100%
    • Stitches: 25.200 100% 100%
    • Weight: 3.054 gr/m2 100% 100%
    • Softness: 100% 100% 100%

    Applications and Uses

    There are many applications for Provenza artificial grass, but it is especially designed to be installed in places that require extreme softness to comfort the user and with fibers that remain upright for a natural and fresh appearance.

    These places include: gardens, green areas, public and private swimming pools and areas for pets to have fun.

    Product Technologies

    Artificial Grass Provenza

    Our product always looks strong and will do so for a long time thanks to the BodyShape technology.

    This system is responsible for combining a series of shapes in the fibres, giving the grass a great capacity for recovery and extra softness, even replacing the fibres made by ribbing.

    Artificial Grass Provenza

    We know you care about how long the appearance of freshness and softness of artificial turf will last. That’s why, to meet the demands of our customers, we have given our Provenza synthetic turf the Tech LongLife technology.

    With it, we provide you with the best manufacturing techniques to ensure ample resistance to the passage of time.

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