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    Gardening Collection

    In Evolution Grass we always think about our customers. That is why we have a wide variety of artificial grass with which we offer the best guarantee, because we only work with quality products that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

    The artificial turf is an excellent option if what you want is to enjoy an always green space without investing time or money in its maintenance.

    Our commitment to offer an excellent service to our customers begins with meeting the demands of safety and durability of the product, and ends with a guarantee service of up to 8 years in all our products. With Evolution Grass, success and satisfaction are assured.

    Featured Products

    Artificial Swimming Pool Grass

    Our special artificial grass models for swimming pools are designed with the latest technological advances to guarantee correct drainage, thus avoiding the accumulation of water around the pool.

    The quality offered by Evolution Grass artificial grass for swimming pools ensures a good condition of the grass all year round as it is a product resistant to moisture and ultra violet rays, the perfect choice to show off a dream garden.

    Artificial Decorative Turf

    Decorative artificial turf offers a wide range of possibilities thanks to its different shades, heights and textures.

    It is an ideal option for decorating stand areas at events, fairs and venues.

    Artificial grass for terraces

    Do you want to look like a dreamboat? The Evolution Grass artificial grass for terraces will provide a natural look.

    Our team will help you choose the type of grass that best suits the use you want to make of it, guaranteeing a quality service at the best price.

    Whether you have a terrace with a concrete floor, tile or earth, in Evolution Grass we are qualified to perform an impeccable installation on any type of surface.

    Artificial grass for garden

    In Evolution Grass we have for you a selection of the best artificial grass products for your garden. You can choose the one that best suits your needs, ensuring that all products meet quality requirements, being also economic, comfortable and visually attractive.

    Get a garden with a natural and perfect look that is also soft and very durable. 

    Artificial grass for walls

    Do you want to decorate and also protect your walls? Evolution Grass artificial grass for walls is an excellent insulator of cold and heat, which also provides a careful and attractive aesthetics in the decoration of your walls.

    Artificial grass for penthouses

    Change the look of your attic and choose the model that best suits your needs. Our penthouse products are the best solution for finishing your penthouse. Imagine having a finish that perfectly mimics a natural surface.

    Artificial grass for pets

    Can you imagine having fun with your pets on your artificial turf? Thanks to Evolution Grass artificial grass for pets, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the grass as it has been designed with a better drainage and a higher resistance, being 100% suitable for the use and enjoyment of pets.

    Artificial grass for patios

    In Evolution Grass we have for you a selection of the best products for your patio. Besides, these are adjusted to your needs: economic, comfortable and very decorative. 

    Get a perfect patio that is also soft and very durable. 

    Artificial grass for indoor use

    Ideal for continuing to enjoy the green indoors. These places will become cozy and vital.

    Imagine a playroom, living room or bedrooms when it rains outside. Do you want to revitalize your home? Contact Evolution Grass now.

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