Artificial Grass for Pets

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    Artificial Grass for Pets

    Description and characteristics

    In Evolution Grass we have models developed specifically for pets. Its great resistance, its drainage system, the filaments adapted to the animal’s coat and the Landscape ECO antibacterial technology make it ideal for your four-legged friends.

    In addition, its monofilament fibres are “C” shaped and are mixed with textured with root effects, which give a quilted effect. 

    The description of this product is as follows:

    • Density: 80% – 100%
    • Height: between 25 and 35 mm
    • Stitches: 15,750
    • Weight: 2.820 grms/m2 or 1.638 grms/m2

    Products suitable for pets

    Artificial grass for pets is anti-bacterial. At Evolution Grass we have grass developed to be compatible with your best friends. Enjoy them playing or relaxing in the garden.

    Pet Lawn Technologies

    Artificial Grass for Pets

    The artificial turf for pets is designed with this technology that provides it with antibacterial components, thus becoming a safe place away from the proliferation of bacteria.

    You don’t have to worry about your pets catching any parasites. Now you can let him enjoy in the comfort of your home.

    Artificial Grass for Pets

    With the maximum drainage capacity of this system, washing is extremely simple and economical. 

    MaxDrain is perfect if you have pets.

    Artificial Grass for Pets

    Ideal if you’re worried about bad odors. With this system complemented with a special anti-odour silica filling.

    Don’t worry about bad smells getting into the garden!

    Get inspired by one of our pet lawn projects!

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