Medium Fiber Artificial Grass

The models in the 30mm to 38mm artificial turf range are specific products for frequently used environments – ask for a quote now!


    Medium Fiber Artificial Grass: 30-38mm

    Description and characteristics

    This line is designed to be installed and used in different places or environments, as long as they require: resistance and durability.

    This line of high quality products is characterized by its fibers, which range from 30 millimeters to 38. The entire design is manufactured to be applied in gardens, green areas, terraces, high-level renovations, private and public pools and pet play areas.

    These products fulfill their mission perfectly thanks to the volume of their fibers and the set of curls incorporated in their structure. They allow you to successfully recover from the footprints of the traffic to which they are exposed.

    Important facts about this product range:

    • Height: from 30 mm to 38mm.
    • Stitches: from 8.800 to 25.200.
    • Weight: from 2.450 grs/m2 to 3.054 grs/m2.

    Artificial Grass Models 38mm- 30mm

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