Artificial Grass for Pools

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    Artificial Grass for Pools

    Description and characteristics

    Moisture resistance, durability and UV stabilization, in Evolution Grass we have the best artificial grass if you want to surround your pool. They are available in heights from 5 to 9 millimeters, all of them made to support the constant traffic of adults and children.

    However, the best ones measure between 20 and 40 millimeters, since they have a drainage capacity of 60 Lts/min, which will make you forget about the annoying puddles.

    With our products you will have a clean finish since it does not have earth; in addition to a first class installation. On the other hand, it is important to know that chlorine and other pool chemicals will not affect your lawn.

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    Products suitable for swimming pools

    Don’t cut yourself! Your garden, your rules. Your garden, your Evolution Grass.

    Discover now all our products. Remember that we have the most durable grass on the market; it also has a high level of recovery and resistance for constant use.

    Swimming Pool Lawn Technologies

    Artificial Grass for Pools

    Tech LongLife technology ensures that the appearance and functionality of your synthetic turf will last a long time.

    In addition, it is manufactured to the highest quality, making it the ideal product.

    Artificial Grass for Pools

    Their fibres are combined with different polymers, which allows them to remain upright at all times.

    You don’t believe that? This technology comes into play when you walk or remove a piece of furniture or chair and the fibre returns to its natural state.

    Artificial Grass for Pools

    The combination of fibers makes the grass recover in the best possible way – BodyShape, a shape for every need!

    No matter how many people walk on it, it’s even ideal for movable pools.

    Artificial Grass for Pools

    The Max Drain System prevents the accumulation of water, and therefore puddles; it also allows for quick and easy cleaning.

    In this way, any liquid that spills will be drained.  Due to its advantages, grass with this type of technology is applicable for: terraces and gardens.

    Artificial Grass for Pools

    Are you afraid to have synthetic material in your house? Do you think a cigarette butt can make a mess? Relax!

    The Fire Proof fibre system makes your lawn fireproof, preventing terrible accidents.

    Artificial Grass for Pools

    This is the anti-bacterial treatment to avoid problems with your animals or the smallest ones in the house. Goodbye bacteria!

    Any of the products you choose with Evolution Grass will have this technology. Are you going to miss it?


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