Artificial Grass for Tennis

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    Artificial Grass for Tennis

    Description and characteristics

    Its structure allows the silica sand to fulfil its function of reinforcing the stabilisation of the artificial grass for tennis.

    In this way, the surface acquires ideal characteristics for the ball to roll and bounce correctly. In addition, it has an optimal recovery.

    Among the descriptions in this article, the following are the most important:

    • Recovery: 100%.
    • Smoothness: 90%.
    • Durability: 100%.

    Products suitable for tennis

    Its application extends to both recreational and professional tennis-related surfaces, as well as public areas and places where traffic is constant.

    Turf Technologies for Tennis Courts

    Artificial Grass for Tennis

    An artificial turf is needed that will last and provide functionality for as long as possible.

    For this reason, artificial grass for tennis is given TechLongLife technology, which gives the grass a high level of durability, making the most of its potential.

    Artificial Grass for Tennis

    This technology allows for the application of a smoother fibre and an ideal vertical memory.

    In this way, it consists of bringing together various forms of fibre in a single structure so that they react with rapid recovery.

    Artificial Grass for Tennis

    The technology of the MaxDrainSystem consists of providing artificial grass with the ability to drain liquids and dirt.

    This makes maintenance easier and faster. Another advantage of this technology is that it prevents puddles from forming on the pitch.

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