Artificial grass for offices

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    Artificial grass for offices




    Description and characteristics

    With the advantages that artificial turf presents such as:

    • It does not use soil.
    • Maintenance is simple and fast.
    • It does not need to be fertilized.
    • It is resistant.
    • Its appearance is similar to natural grass.
    • It does not fade.
    • It is hypoallergenic.

    Its description shows the following details:

    • Height: 35mm.
    • Stitches: 17.850.
    • Weight: 2.710 grms/m2.
    • Recovery: 100%

    Products suitable for offices

    This is then the type of grass that is found in a wide variety, which have been designed with the sole objective of changing spaces and providing a more relaxed and comfortable environment.

    In addition, it is different from the one used on fields or terraces, as it is made in a soft way and has fibers that are more sensitive to touch and with a more suitable length.

    It can be used in: exteriors, food areas or meeting rooms.

    Office Turf Technologies

    Artificial grass for offices

    Wanting to keep the office with the natural design provided by artificial grass decoration is very simple, you just have to comply with an undemanding maintenance and combine it with TechLongLife technology. 

    This technology provides the artificial turf with a longevity that will allow you to keep it in your office for a long time.

    Artificial grass for offices

    It is the technology that gives the fiber the ability to always remain vertical, allowing it to recover almost instantly from the footprints. 

    The MaxRecoverSystem works thanks to the combination of multiple polymers that give the fibre this firmness. This is why it is ideal in places like the office, where you are constantly walking.

    Artificial grass for offices

    Walking on a soft and pleasant surface is very important if you want to stimulate the productive thinking of the workers.

    For this reason, you should choose grasses with BodyShape technology, which form a combination so that the fibers get a good recovery; in addition, they give a fluffy feeling.

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