Artificial Grass for Penthouses

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    Artificial Grass for Penthouses

    Description and characteristics

    Thanks to the compact density of its fibres, this type of artificial grass retains its softness. In addition, it is manufactured with the combination of C-shaped monofilaments with textures that cause a root effect.

    On the other hand, it should be noted that all models of artificial turf for penthouses are equipped with an excellent drainage system that prevents puddles and water accumulation.

    The description of this product is as follows:

    • Density: 100%.
    • Average height: 35 mm.
    • Stitches: 15.750
    • Weight: 2.820 grms/m2

    Products suitable for Penthouses

    Due to its virtues, this type of synthetic grass can also be applied in playgrounds with pets, penthouses, terraces, private pools, spas, green areas, high standing renovations and gardens.

    Penthouse Turf Technologies

    Artificial Grass for Penthouses

    This technology is the reason why you can enjoy this grass on the outside walls of your home for as long as you like.

    It will be covered with the strongest materials on the market, which gives it maximum durability despite the changes in the weather.

    Artificial Grass for Penthouses

    It allows the artificial grass to recover easily after a footfall or impact.

    The combination of various forms in the fibres gives it this unique property, which also makes it softer.

    Artificial Grass for Penthouses

    Do you want a lawn that recovers instantly after each footfall?

    This technology is the answer to that. With an optimal combination of polymers, its fibres have the ability to recover thanks to the vertical memory.

    Get inspired by one of our penthouse artificial turf projects!

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