Types of Artificial Grass​

Do you want to know more about the types of artificial turf that exist? Contact us and we will inform you without obligation.


Products according to the height of the grass

Depending on the uses and qualities you need, we can distinguish between three different height ranges.

Artificial grass from 40 to 60mm

They meet the needs of places without much flow of people. They provide an incredible softness, very similar to natural grass; moreover, they are equipped with a vertical memory that allows you to recover without any problem after stepping on them.


30 to 38mm artificial turf

These fibers have a higher resistance, so they are designed for areas of frequent use. In addition, they have a greater recovery to the footprints. Its leafy structure and the curls that form it allow it to be versatile and applicable to any environment. 

Artificial grass up to 20mm

This range of grass is made up of short, highly resistant fibres. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use artificial grass with this type of fibres for areas with continuous traffic.

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