Artificial Grass for Gyms

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    Description and characteristics

    We all know about the many uses of artificial turf, and laying it in gyms is a clear example of this. Everyone likes to play sports outdoors, but it’s not always possible.

    That’s why we have developed a synthetic turf that can evoke that natural environment during your training sessions. A practice that is increasingly in demand and that is becoming fashionable due to its high degree of usability and simplicity. 

    In Evolution Grass we recommend the synthetic grass that best suits you and we will install it for you. In addition, this grass is ideal for its wide range of colors and the possibility of including marks and numbers very useful for some training.


    Products suitable for gyms

    This type of grass is soft and resistant; therefore, it is indicated for small relaxation classrooms, as well as for fitness and crossfit areas. 

    Color Kids Green

    Color Kids Blue

    Color Kids Yellow

    Color Kids Black

    Color Kids Red

    Gymnasium Turf Technologies

    The Backing of this range has a double drainage for a greater influx of liquids and dirt. So sweat and spilled water bottles will no longer be a problem.

    The fibres of this synthetic grass are treated with anti-bacterial products. This saves the expense of de-worming and treating natural grass, as well as saving athletes from infections or bites. 

    This technology is defined by the shape of its fibres, which have been fitted with three ribs: two lateral and one central, to give them a firmness which, defined by a thickness of 400 microns, guarantees their recovery.

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