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    Artificial grass will be the highlight of your business. This type of turf is installed looking for the comfort of the workers so that the workplace becomes a stimulus for productivity, and in this way the benefits are increased.

    It’s a new form of business and corporate environment that started in the U.S. and has been spreading around the world. Who doesn’t find a green, fresh, comforting and eye-catching environment relaxing or attractive?

    And you can give wings to your imagination and decorate the spaces as much as you want, from floors to walls to furniture, anything we can customize will be ideal to give a new focus to your business.

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    Artificial grass for public areas

    With minimal maintenance, ample pedestrian traffic and support for weather changes and effects, artificial turf can be used to decorate public passages; with the assurance, moreover, that it will last.

    Artificial grass for commercial terraces

    It is eye-catching and offers a fresh and relaxing view, it doesn’t get dirty and customers will love the feeling of visiting a terrace with artificial grass.

    Resulta favorable la aplicación del césped artificial para terrazas comerciales ya que podrás mantener su aspecto joven y llamativo todo el año.


    Artificial grass for offices

    In order to stimulate the creative and productive minds of the companies’ workers, green rest areas began to be installed.

    Artificial grass for shop windows

    It began to be used because of its decorative versatility; in this way, it becomes an aid for places where some garments or objects are exhibited. What better way for your customers to see all your merchandise in this way?


    Artificial grass for playgrounds

    Its use is very successful in children’s play areas because its soft fibres and its anti-allergic and anti-bacterial composition make the grass a safe place.

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