Artificial Grass Absolute

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The softness made of artificial turf


Description and characteristics

Enjoy the company of your family or friends accompanied by a radiant green all year round.

In this case, the Absolute model, which is full of softness and realistic appearance, has a very good consistency. With a height of 55 mm, the “Soft Max” Absolute model will make you stop using the chairs in your garden.


  • Height: 55mm 95% 95%
  • Stitches:14.700 68% 68%
  • Weight: 2.908 gr/m2 78% 78%
  • Softness: 100% 100% 100%

Applications and Uses

Absolute artificial grass can be used in pet play areas, private gardens, balconies and also for commercial applications such as shop windows or commercial terraces.

It is one of the most recommended in places where public traffic is moderate; moreover, it leaves a comfortable feeling when walking on it. It is a magnet for customers!

Product Technologies

With an artificial turf with Soft Max Tech technology you will enjoy the incredible softness that only this system can provide. This way, you will make your garden the most comfortable and softest place in your home.

​Constant use and exposure to the sun’s UV rays are the main elements that make us wonder how long artificial grass will last.

Quiet! At Evolution Grass we offer you synthetic grass with Tech LongLife technology that guarantees the longevity of your garden.

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