Artificial Grass Highland

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    The resistance of an artificial turf

    Description and characteristics

    Highland artificial grass is strong and resilient, ready to withstand the demands of users. This product has triple “C” shaped reinforced fibres and stays upright all the time.

    It has a robust and abundant appearance due to its length; in addition, it is composed of green and brown curls that also give it a more natural look


    • Height: 45mm 90% 90%
    • Stitches: 16.800 80% 80%
    • Weight: 3.456 gr/m2 80% 80%
    • Softness: 100% 100% 100%

    Applications and Uses

    The strength of the Highland makes it suitable for various environments where there is moderate pedestrian flow.

    For this reason, it is advisable to install it in places such as: terraces, private gardens of high standing, pet play areas. In addition, its implementation is perfect for commercial places such as shop windows, where it can be used for decoration.

    Product Technologies

    Artificial Grass Highland

    Are you worried that artificial turf won’t keep the freshness of natural grass? The solution is FibreFreshTech technology. This system provides the grass fibre with a central tubular nerve that stores water, allowing the freshness of your garden to be prolonged.

    Artificial Grass Highland

    One issue that does not concern everyone when buying an artificial turf is its durability, especially if you plan to install it in places with a lot of foot traffic.

    That’s why the Highland model is manufactured with TechLongLife technology, which guarantees its durability.

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