Artificial grass for garden

As if it were natural!

In Evolution Grass we have for you the best qualities. We have designed a wide collection of artificial grass models that are characterized by their quality and durability. 


    Artificial Grass For Garden

    Description and characteristics

    Among the highlights of artificial turf for gardens are: its excellent response to footfall and its vertical memory that is so advanced that your steps will not leave a trace.

    In addition, it has a quality manufacturing, which allows it to be a long lasting product.

    Products suitable for Garden

    This product is for low traffic areas. With this type of artificial grass your garden will look much more natural; in addition, you can cover areas such as: terraces, areas dedicated to pets and for commercial use. 

    Products suitable for Premium Garden

    If you want a garden with an exclusive finish worthy of a decoration magazine cover, these products are the ones for you:


    Terrace Lawn Technologies

    Artificial Grass For Garden

    This technology is responsible for the softness of synthetic grass.

    With this softness in your feet, you won’t want to do anything but go out into your garden and lie down.

    Artificial Grass For Garden

    The MaxRecoverSystem technology provides the fibre with a high vertical memory. 

    Its composition is based on the union of different polymers that allow a fast and perfect recovery after being stepped on.

    Artificial Grass For Garden

    You will get a garden that will last a long time in excellent condition. 

    The highest quality construction allows it to resist changes in the weather and constant use, ensuring you get the most out of it with TechLongLife technology.

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