Artificial Grass in Benejúzar

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    Artificial Grass in Benejúzar​It is surprising to see how, in recent years, the installation of artificial grass in the town of Benejúzar in Alicante has been increasing surprisingly and, at present, you can have a beautiful house for very little money.

    In addition, you can install artificial grass wherever you want, from your outside garden to the interior walls of your room. With this procedure, you give your property a new look and at the forefront of the latest trends.

    Therefore, if you live in Benejúzar and are thinking of installing artificial grass in your home, do not hesitate to contact Evolution Grass. We will take care of the whole installation at the lowest price of the market.


    Advantages of buying artificial grass with Evolution Grass

    • Experience in Alicante: if something characterizes us is our professionalism and experience. In Evolution Grass we have been working for years in the province of Alicante, so we offer you the best products according to your needs.
    • Quality: we work with the highest quality models on the market, applying the latest innovations and technological advances to achieve the greatest similarity to natural grass on the market.
    • Guarantee: installing with Evolution Grass gives you greater security. Therefore, with your purchase we offer you eight years of guarantee.

    Installation possibilities

    Instalación sobre tierra

    Artificial Grass in BenejúzarLa preparación del terreno antes de la instalación es una labor indispensable. Posteriormente, se procederá a la instalación de la malla anti hierbas para, finalmente, proceder a la colocación del césped artificial.

    Instalación sobre baldosa

    Artificial Grass in Benejúzar

    Para instalar césped artificial sobre una superficie de baldosa, antes deberás limpiar bien la superficie para posteriormente proceder a colocar el césped artificial.

    Instalación sobre hormigón

    Artificial Grass in BenejúzarPara una correcta instalación de césped artificial sobre superficie de hormigón, será imprescindible que esta tenga o bien la pendiente adecuada para la eficaz evacuación de aguas o un sumidero para su adecuado drenaje. Posteriormente, la instalación del césped artificial se instalará directamente sobre esta superficie de hormigón.

    Instalación sobre pared

    Artificial Grass in BenejúzarLa instalación de césped artificial sobre una pared, le proporcionará un toque decorativo único y original. Para una correcta instalación de césped artificial sobre pared, la superficie deberá ser lisa, estar limpia y totalmente encolada a la pieza de césped.

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