Artificial grass for indoors

 Join the new decorative trend and install artificial grass in your home. What are you waiting for?


    Artificial Grass for Indoors

    Description and characteristics

    Indoor artificial turf has ideal characteristics such as: C-shaped monofilaments that provide extra recovery.

    Among the descriptions that make it ideal for interiors are the following:

    • Recovery: 100%.
    • Height: 35 mm
    • Stitches: 17,850
    • Weight: 2.710 gr/m2

    Indoor products

    This artificial grass is highly applicable in places such as: offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, shops. In short, these are places where you walk constantly, so they require even greater resistance than conventional grass.

    Indoor Grass Technologies

    Artificial Grass for Indoors

    Products with this type of material are estimated to last much longer than lawns without it.

    The high technology with which it is manufactured allows it to be resistant to traffic.

    Artificial Grass for Indoors

    It allows the fibres to remain vertical thanks to a combination of shapes.

    This technology, combined with MaxRecover, makes your lawn a more comfortable zone.

    Artificial Grass for Indoors

    It provides vertical memory to the turf so that it recovers when the pressure is over.

    This is achieved because the fibers are the result of different polymers combined.

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