Artificial grass is a textile material used to imitate natural grass and because of the sand load it is practical for places where it cannot grow or where maintenance and weather conditions do not allow it.

Normally this grass is used for sports fields and football pitches.

What should we do when we want to change our lawn?

  • Take advice: we should talk professionally about it, there is nothing better than following the advice of the experts.
  • Variety: there are many models that adapt to what we want, giving us the comfort we are looking for when changing our lawn.
  • Knowledge: it is important at the time of installing the grass to know its characteristics, we must know well with which material it was elaborated, so that when it is decided to change it, to know what to do with the previous one.
  • Fibers made of polyethylene and polypropylene: that will make it look real and resistant.
  • Quilting system: obtained with silica sand and rubbers that are reused.
  • The adhesives and synthetic fabrics: are parts of the anchorage system.

¿Qué debemos hacer cuando queremos cambiar nuestro césped?

How do you recycled artificial grass?

It should be taken to a landfill and thus not pollute, but the main thing is to reduce the amount of waste in the landfills. We can reuse sand and rubber for this purpose.

These fillings can be used again, and thus a second life can be given to the grass that is to be changed on different types of sports fields. We also avoid reducing costs and raw materials. 

Commitment to the environment

The commitment to the environment is what makes both manufacturing and installation reduce the effect on the environment.

¿Cómo reciclar el césped artificial?

For reuse in sports and leisure facilities

It is reused and thus given a second chance at life. For this, it is uninstalled from professional football fields, but with an optimal and resistant quality.

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