Spending so many days or weeks away from home is likely to cause your plants to start demanding their usual care halfway through the vacation.

If your trip is planned for the summer, the heat and lack of humidity may cause your plants to dry out and die. But so that you don’t have to ask anyone to take care of them for you, in this article you will find some ideas and inventions for watering plants on vacation. So, when you return, they will be healthy and safe.

4 Inventions you can make yourself to water your plants on vacation

The following homemade inventions are very functional for watering plants during the vacations or at any time of the year:

  1. Watering system with a plastic bottle: this invention is great for plants in the garden or for those in large containers. To carry it out, you are going to need a plastic bottle filled with water. Then you bury the container without its lid near the plant you want to soak. The intention is that the bottle will work by gravity and the water will be released little by little.
  2. Use damaged bulbs: You will need blown glass bulbs that are large so that they can hold a larger amount of water. Then, you attach the bulb to a long tube that will be nailed to the plant’s substrate. In this way, the moisture will start to be released little by little.
  3. Watering plants with wool or nylon: if you want to put this idea to work, you will need a wool, nylon or polyester rope. One end of it will be buried near the root of the plant you want to water, and the other will be inside a bottle filled with water. Take care that the end reaches the bottom so that it absorbs the water and thus can keep the soil moist for a longer period of time.
  4. Home greenhouse: this simple trick is effective; you will only need a bag (or plastic) and a damp cloth. The purpose is that you wrap the plant with a transparent plastic that lets the light through. At the bottom will be the damp cloth, which will give water to the plant by condensation, and then absorb the moisture again.

How to water the pots on vacations?

The lack of watering in pots is harmful to plants. Therefore, you must be prepared to water your pots even if you are away from home. Apart from the inventions we have already shown you, you can also implement a home drip irrigation system.

Home drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is an efficient system for watering bushes on vacations. Moreover, it can be used at any time of the year. If you follow these simple instructions, you can put it into practice:

  • Find a plastic bottle with a good capacity
  • .

  • Punch a few small holes around the entire surface of the bottle.
  • Make sure the holes are the size of the head of a pin.
  • Now, bury the empty bottle with the mouth facing upwards near the plant you are going to water.
  • Once buried, and when you are about to leave on your trip, fill the bottle with water and allow the invention to work.

This is a very useful system that spreads the water gradually and, therefore, helps the substrate to stay moist for longer.

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