Artificial grass has a very natural and realistic appearance, it can be perfectly confused with real grass.

Today you can find a wide variety of models and types of different synthetic grass with different characteristics on the market.

In Césped Artificial Alicante, we want to offer our customers the best installation and attention with the best manufacturers in the market, Evolution Grass.

Advantages of synthetic turf for hotels

Artificial grass for hotels is being increasingly demanded by large hotel chains in our country.

Artificial grass gives the surface a very natural look and thanks to the low maintenance it requires, there are more and more hotels and tourist complexes that decide to use it. In this way they reduce the maintenance costs of their hotel facilities, in terms of water consumption and gardening maintenance.

You will get a lot of advantages for your hotels as well as excellent results, that is why many of our contracted hotels do not hesitate to implement this new option in the rest of the chain.

Here we leave the main advantages for your hotel to have areas conditioned with artificial grass:

  • Saving on machinery and lawn mowers
  • Save time and maintenance
  • Avoiding insect pests
  • Natural and fresh sensation of the area, for the rest of the guests
  • It does not need continuous watering, which means great savings in water and irrigation systems.

Our grass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, as it is much more resistant to the weather than natural grass. Furthermore, it will look lively and unbeatable all year round.

Cleaning artificial turf in hotels

It is very important to always take care of the lawn, especially in hotels that are the image of quality care and great services all focused on the comfort of the guest.

For this, there are some basic maintenance conditions that we must fulfill so that the lawn is always ready to receive tourists.

Although maintenance is reduced to a minimum compared to natural grass, it is important to take into account a series of activities to have perfect.

  • Remove stains in time, before they solidify or become integrated into the artificial turf, then it will be more difficult to remove them and the turf will look the same again.
  • Water or rather rinse the lawn from time to time. A hose is ideal, as it will clean it of any debris.
  • Cleaning from possible dust and contamination. If you are outdoors, it is normal for dust and organic debris to accumulate in the environment, as well as possible insects.
  • Dry leaves. It is a matter of aesthetics and appearance, dry leaves do not represent a risk situation for the lawn. A rake is ideal for collecting them.

If you have any doubts about the maintenance of your artificial grass, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you and inform you about what you need, so that you always have your garden ready.

Evolution Grass, manufacturers and installers

Alicante artificial grass together with Evolution Grass are specialists in the installation and manufacture respectively of grass for all types of areas, places, both exterior and interior.

We care about the attention and treatment to our customers, always offering the best quality materials and installation, so you can enjoy your new lawn.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, our professionals and experts will be happy to assist you.

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