DIY (do it yourself) projects are becoming increasingly popular, not only because of the high costs of decorative products and services, but also because by doing it in a handmade way we can give it our personality or make it practically custom-made.

Making an artificial grass carpet is a fairly simple and inexpensive process but it can provide us with decorative elements in large or more modest sizes.

Choose the design

The first thing we must do is determine the space where we are going to place our carpet.

Then we choose the design so we don’t waste material. If the design we choose is related to the space we will achieve a perfect combination. Although if we choose a classic design (round, square, rectangular) it will also look good and will be valid over time. 

What to know before starting?

  • Without a doubt we must know where we want to place it and the specific functions of that space.
  • The measurements of the carpet we want to place.
  • Whether the space is frequented by few or many people.
  • Whether environmental factors such as sun, water and air will directly affect the carpet.
  • What colour we want the carpet to be, remembering that artificial grass is available in a variety of colours and shades of green.
  • What shape or design we want the carpet to have and how we are going to fix it to the surface.

¿Qué saber antes de empezar tu DIY?

It’s also good to know that:

Artificial grass should have certain basic characteristics that apply even to a carpet and they are:

  • It does not glow.
  • It does not itch.
  • It does not make noise.
  • It returns to the vertical quickly.

Perhaps the most economical artificial turf or a second-hand one would be appropriate for a carpet, but always knowing that the durability is lower and that, at least in the case of second-hand turf, it has no guarantee.

Step by step

  • Determine the space and its function.
  • Choose a design.
  • Use a thick marker to draw the figure on the back of the lawn.
  • Cut with scissors or industrial cutter.
  • Install.
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