When you plan to install artificial turf on an earthy terrain, it is normal to prepare it before installation. To do this, you need to lift the ground and then compact and level it. After the ground is ready, the geotextile mesh comes into play.

This prevents weeds from appearing, as well as preventing water from falling on the ground itself and forming puddles of mud and dirtying the lawn.

What is the geotextile mesh?

It is a great solution designed from a material similar to fabric because it has textile properties; in addition, it is synthetic and deformable, has a great capacity to adapt and is capable of being moulded.

Its presentation is flat and its composition is of polymeric fiber; likewise, it has wonderful geothermal properties and they are those that make it an ideal complement for the artificial grass in earth surfaces.

Colocación de la malla geotextil


Among its functional characteristics is to serve as a separation of two soils with different properties, thus avoiding contamination through contact and mixing. The mesh it has filters the liquids that pass through it.

Therefore, in its function as a filter, elements such as: the ideal size of the holes, the length of the breakage, the resistance to traffic and the resistance to penetrating sharp objects must be taken into account.

Why is it necessary to use geotextile mesh when installing artificial grass?

When artificial turf is installed on soiled surfaces, it is very likely that weeds will grow, so the geotextile mesh comes into play. This is placed between the ground and the artificial turf. Its drainage function allows the drainage system of the turf to work perfectly, allowing water to flow and preventing puddles from forming.

Tips for installing the weed barrier

Cómo se coloca la malla antihierbas

Read the following steps and you will know what you need to do to install a weed barrier:

  1. You should leave the surface as flat as possible, leave no trace of stones or roots, and use a power tiller for the job.
  2. In this step you will install the weed barrier. Start joining the tips of each piece and staple every 2 or 3 meters.
  3. Place the artificial grass and add silica sand, this will provide more fixation to the surface.

What else do you need for the installation of the artificial turf?

Below you will find the tools and materials you need for the correct installation of the artificial turf.

The geotextile tape

This has a very important function that basically focuses on putting together the pieces that make up the artificial turf.

These recommendations are based on the fact that this material will help you to adhere the artificial turf to the ground with precision. In this way, the synthetic turf will look more real as long as you take care of the installation of the tarpaulins with all the fibres pointing in the same direction.

Two-component glue

This is what provides the fixation of the artificial turf to the surface, no matter if it is concrete or geotextile mesh, in addition the section that is joined by the union tape, will also be fixed to the solid surface with this glue.

When we talk about bicomponent glue, we refer to the result of the mixture of two different substances, where its power of adhesion is due to the result of this magnificent mixture.

¿Qué es la cola biocomponentes?

Lawn staples

They are a fundamental element for the fixing of the artificial turf; in fact, the result of the installation of the artificial turf depends to a great extent on their correct installation. The key to a perfect installation of synthetic turf on the surface depends on the way it is installed.

These staples are a perfect anchorage for the synthetic turf when laid on dry grounds.

Tools needed

In this section we will give you a guide to the tools you need to place your geotextile mesh.


When you buy artificial grass you will need to cut some edges of it when you are done, to give it a more accurate and natural finish.

This useful tool can be found in stationery stores, they have a sharp retractable blade and its handle can be made of plastic or metal, always long enough to keep the blade inside and to handle it safely.

The Serrated Spatula

This tool is structured by a plastic or metal surface that has “teeth” on one side, these are arranged on the opposite or upper part of the flat surface, depending on the size of the tool.

It can have a plastic or wooden handle or grip.

Finishing touch: Perfume and anti-static cleaner

Artificial grass is prone to bacteria and electrostatic charging, so with an anti-static cleaner you can keep your turf clean and free from electrostatic discharges.

In addition, this product can give off the characteristic smell of freshly cut grass or after it has rained.

¿Qué es el toque final de la instalación de césped?

What is the antistatic?

Walking on artificial turf causes friction and this leads to the appearance and accumulation of electrostatic electricity. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate them or prevent them from accumulating, as their discharge is very uncomfortable.

The anti-static cleaner is responsible for creating an invisible layer capable of isolating the grass, greatly reducing the friction produced by walking and thus preventing it from appearing.

In its function as a cleaner and a flavouring, it leaves the lawn clean, free of dust and bacteria.

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