Saving is always good and saving energy has two key aspects: saving resources, which means an improvement in the environment; and, on the other hand, saving for the consumer’s pocket, who will pay less on their electricity and gas bills. A good way to save energy is to install artificial turf.

Energy saving, a priority for a home of the future

Technology increasingly enables energy savings in the home. There are many things that can be done to save energy, but one that few people think about is the installation of artificial turf; thus, there are many reasons why artificial turf is more sustainable than using real grass.

The plant needs a large amount of water to stay in perfect condition. In addition to the enormous amounts of water that are wasted, the lawn must often be cut, although this can be done with a manual lawn mower; however, the reality is that it is usually done with an electric lawn machine, which consumes a high amount of energy.

Lawn and energy saving

Artificial grass is an economical solution to the dream of having a perfect garden as it gives the same feeling and the same appearance of comfort. Proper maintenance of artificial turf is much simpler and more economical, as well as being more environmentally friendly because it avoids wasting water for irrigation.

In addition to the energy savings, knowing which is the best rate among marketers also means savings, since perhaps for one home Iberdrola’s rates are the best and another saves more with Viesgo.

In order for the customer to know which is the best rate and thus save money on rates that are not adapted, it is best to use a light comparator. This can show which is the best light rate in a certain year (2018,2019…), in a certain area or for a specific type of house.

More ways to save energy in the garden

In addition to artificial grass, there are other ways to save energy in the garden that can make a big difference:

  • Economical lighting: you can buy garden lamps that get their energy from the sun. This type of lighting will be charged during the day and will work at night without causing any added expense. Besides being less expensive for the owners of the house, this type of lamp is respectful with the environment since it uses 100% renewable energy.
  • Building site barbecue: something that the garden is often used for is barbecues. These portable stoves are usually electric and the amount of light they require can be excessive; moreover, they are appliances that break and need to be replaced, especially if they are used often. This is why it is a good idea to invest in a built in barbecue.

Save and help the environment by making the best decisions for your garden. Buy artificial turf and do it with the best, our experts will always be happy to help you.

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