Artificial grass ceased to be a material for exclusive use on sports surfaces a long time ago and became a decorative element for indoor and outdoor use.

In fact, it can be used to upholster not only the floor, but also the wall, the ceiling and even the furniture, making them more avant-garde.

How can we make artificial grass look more natural?

Whether it looks more or less natural will depend on the places in which we use it and the objects that complement or surround it. For example, if we place it in the garden and we put plants and furniture from this area, we will undoubtedly think it is more natural; on the other hand, if we place it on a wall, on a roof or in a bathroom, it may require a little more effort to make it look natural.

However, if it is installed correctly and is lit and the right accessories are placed, we will surely feel its freshness. The use of silica sand for filling is also influenced by coconut fibre.

¿Cómo podemos conseguir que el césped artificial parezca más natural?

What does this lawn have to look like?

Artificial grass must have certain main characteristics, which are

  • Not glowing, i.e. it must be opaque or matt.
  • Not to make noise when you step on it or support a weight.
  • Return to its upright position fairly quickly.
  • It does not itch or cause stinging.
  • If it has good drainage and warranty, so much the better.

Decoration with artificial grass

The options are many and they adapt to all environments and budgets. We can use it in events and save on florist, use it as part of an internal courtyard and bring the green inside the house, in shop windows and show sportswear, install it on the walls and make a very chic vertical garden and we can even line letters.

Decoración con césped artificial¿Cómo decorar letras con césped artificial?

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