The market for artificial turf is a fast-growing market, which has led to an increasing number of manufacturers, innovation and quality variations and increasingly competitive prices.

However, when talking about artificial turf, one must bear in mind the advantages of having a good quality one, in that it can be differentiated from a lower quality one and even more importantly how to recognize the quality of what you are buying.

What qualities of artificial turf are offered on the market?

You always have the possibility to choose between different qualities of artificial grass, so it is important to know the differentiating characteristics between them so that when you make your purchase you are sure to acquire the product that best suits your needs.

First of all it is important that you know who the manufacturer is and the guarantees that they have to offer you. If possible, get recommendations and do some research on the company, the raw materials they use and how they manufacture the product.

The second thing to bear in mind is the quality of the yarn, which must have protection against UV rays and also comply with some regulations. Make sure that you are given a guarantee as to the colour durability of the artificial grass.

If possible, personally check the brightness of the yarn and its softness, these are two vital quality characteristics, because if you have a yarn that is too bright it can look too plastic and drastically deviate from the natural look you want to achieve with artificial turf.

You can get bases for artificial grass in latex or polyurethane, the base is very important, because it gives firmness and strength to the structure of the grass, this is sewn and adheres to the polyurethane or latex and thus is able to give strength, protection and durability to the threads.

Both materials are good, however, polyurethane offers more quality and advantages, so it is important to get advice on their uses and so on to make the best choice.

In the qualities of artificial turf, two important characteristics can be achieved, turf with infill and turf without infill, the choice of which should be made based on the uses to which the artificial turf will be put.

Filled artificial turf provides support for the fibres, allowing them to recover quickly after being stepped on and providing greater comfort.

The artificial grass Nature plus is a high range grass, with a superior density, with an unmatched softness due to the quality of its fibers with central nerve with U section, which makes it one of the best products on the market, and that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

cesped artificial jardin modelo Nature

césped artificial jardín modelo Nature plus


What are the prices for top-of-the-range artificial turf?

Keep in mind that quality is worth a little more, and if you want to buy a high-end artificial turf you will probably have to invest a little more money, however the advantages that this type of grass brings are great and you will certainly not regret your purchase.

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