There are many variations when it comes to choosing the right lawn and taking into account the height will determine your choice. In order to choose the right lawn we must take into account where it will be located and the activity it will withstand.

If it is for gardens and parks, this grass tends to be used for children to play on as it has greater shock absorption.

Factors in choosing the height of artificial turf

When looking for the way to decorate our gardens, pools and terraces you find many doubts as:

  • Place: once we know where this will be installed its height will be determined.
  • Activity that will support: it is necessary to know that in an interior space the transit of people is smaller than in an area like a swimming pool, park or sports field.

Apart from these factors, it is recommended to know the type of thread and the number of stitches; for this, we have the advice of the suppliers.

Factores para elegir la altura del césped artificial

Types of heights

  • High fibre: if we are looking for artificial grass for gardens, swimming pools and other areas of frequent use, but which still have elegance and naturalness, we should choose a grass with measurements between 35mm and 55mm.
  • Medium fiber: if where you need to install the lawn is in terraces, swimming pool or garden of frequent use and we have pets, the recommended measures are 25mm and 40mm.
  • Low fibre: if you are looking to decorate interior spaces with this type of fibre, we recommend that its measures are from 5mm to 25mm; this would also be used to decorate events or fairs.

When to put higher lawns?

It is essential to know when to use the tallest grass. This is used for sports fields where various types of sports are practiced.

It is worth noting that it is also used for having good cushioning for children to play in the gardens or courtyards. It is also used for different sports fields:

  • Football: it is recommended that its synthetic height be 3 to 6 centimeters. This grass is not only used for football, it is also often used for American football, so they usually use the taller grass.
  • Basketball: it is recommended between 3.81 and 6.31 centimeters. This high artificial turf is ideal because it gives the right support, so they can move around better
  • Field Hockey: height is recommended to be 2.54 to 6.35 centimeters. Due to its characteristics, it is also used for this sport.
  • Sport fields for different purposes: measurements are between 5 and 7 centimeters. This tall grass is used for this type of sports field.

¿Cuándo poner césped de mayor altura?

When to put less height grass?

It is necessary to know when to use lower height grass, so that we can use it and in what conditions we can install it.

  • For garden: it is ideal for decorating the garden and for use both indoors and outdoors. There are different models, styles, colours and textures and its measures range from 30mm to 55mm.
  • For terraces: also used in this space the grass of lesser height, ideal because it does not require much maintenance and there are varieties of grass. Its measures range from 20mm to 40mm.
  • Landscaping: for years this trend has made people use artificial grass as a decoration for their homes. Its measures go from 25mm to 40mm
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