The challenges imposed on us by daily life are many and sometimes we have to face projects with a certain budget, which is not exactly very high; this is where we employ our creativity in search of viable solutions.

If the issue is laying grass, our imagination will quickly lead us to a green and soft surface, but which we may find difficult to acquire, then we remember that there are second-hand artificial grasses. 

How to choose artificial grass: a cheap artificial grass or an expensive one?

Cheap artificial turf is available in specialist shops, although almost all of them offer options ranging from premium to budget.

We could also consider the option of second-hand turf, but we need to evaluate factors such as where it should be installed, environmental conditions, amount of land to be covered or traffic that will pass over the turf, among others. Once we have those answers, we must decide on the option that fits our needs.

Cómo elegir el césped artificial: ¿Un césped artificial barato o uno caro?

Do you want to install cheap artificial grass?

This question must be asked seriously and if the answer is a resounding yes, then it is a good option to proceed to buy one of the cheaper or second-hand ones.

Where to buy cheap artificial turf?

Cheap artificial grass can be found in specialist shops and although some only sell premium quality products, you can always ask.

Second-hand artificial turf

When artificial turf is dismantled, it does not necessarily have to be discarded. Some people or companies keep it, either to deal with an emergency or for ecological reasons.

The truth is that when you uninstall this material, which is usually installed with adhesive tape, liquid silicone and bolts, you may find some imperfections in terms of edges, strip reversals and in terms of colour, texture and durability in general.

Césped artificial de segunda mano

Is it profitable?

Laying second-hand artificial turf is perhaps profitable at first, as it will be more economical. However, it has the disadvantage that since you do not know exactly how long it was exposed to the sun, water, or how many people walked on it for the time it was installed, its durability is lower.

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