When you are going to install natural or artificial grass in a house, one of your main concerns is the possibility of this decorative element burning. That’s why artificial grass with Fire Proof technology is ideal for keeping your garden in perfect condition for longer and, in turn, guaranteeing your safety.

Does artificial grass get hot in the summer?

There is no surface that does not warm up to high temperatures and prolonged exposure to the sun; even so, artificial grass with Fire Proof technology prevents the spread of fire, so that if any flammable material falls, the flame will not spread and you can put it out quickly.

Césped artificial con tecnología Fire Proof

How to prevent artificial grass from burning

To ensure that your artificial turf does not burn, you must have a product manufactured with the latest innovations on the market. In addition to the Fire Proof system, your turf must also include FiberFresh technology.

This system is responsible for reducing the temperature of the fibre, due to its central tubular body, so that water is trapped inside and the garden remains much cooler. With the union of these two innovations, you can now install the artificial grass you have always wanted and carry out all your meetings without fear of fire.

Where do we find Fire Proof technology?

Fire Proof technology is available in the Color Kids line of colorful grasses, designed to allow the youngest in the house to play and enjoy themselves more safely. You can choose your artificial grass in 5 different colours: yellow, red, blue, black and green. You can also install it in swimming pools, terraces, gardens, schools and nurseries, as well as inside your home.

Césped artificial con tecnología Fire Proof

Advantages of preventing artificial turf from overheating

One of the main advantages you will get from installing this type of grass is that, when kept at a good temperature, it will last longer, thus avoiding the proliferation of fungi and animals that can be harmful to the health of children and pets.

On the other hand, another benefit of this lawn is that, as it does not spread fire, you can relax and have those barbecues you have always wanted in your garden in complete safety.

It is also important to note that by installing an artificial lawn with Fire Proof technology, you will avoid wasting water and make the most of resources, which is a benefit for the environment and for your pocket; in the same way, artificial lawn is characterised by its quick installation, easy cleaning and by its anti-allergic and anti-bacterial materials.

If you are thinking of installing artificial grass in your home, it is best to contact Evolution Grass. Our workers will give you the best price and you won’t have to worry about anything; we will install your artificial grass so that the finish is as professional as possible.


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