Does static electricity build up on artificial turf? Yes, because static electricity is the build-up of electrical charge in an insulator when it comes into contact with a conductor, for example tile flooring and synthetic turf.

This is one of the many questions we can ask ourselves in relation to artificial turf.

Why is static electricity generated?

Because when using the grass, i.e. walking on it, there is friction between the two materials: grass and soil, and the more you use it, the more it builds up.

It also occurs when it is used in an area with stormy weather.

Can this happen to our artificial grass?

Although the probabilities are very low if it could happen that we feel a slight chill but only if we have a very loaded weather, like a storm or we have decorative elements that conduct electricity very easily as is the case of metal.

¿Por qué se genera la electricidad estática?

How to prevent the formation of static electricity?

To prevent the accumulation of static electricity we can take some simple measures that will help us in that sense without diminishing its advantages or beauty.

What we can do is pour silica sand when installing the artificial grass. Afterwards, you can also place iron elements that will act as an earth connection. 

How to combat it

If we have already installed the synthetic turf and have not taken any of the measures mentioned above so far, then we can implement and improve them.

If you decide to put in pickets or rods you can put them in copper. 

Cómo combatir la electricidad estática

Can the cramp or spark that it gives be dangerous?

The answer is not clear, because the percentage of probability of this happening is only 0.2% of the cases. In the event that the static electricity charge is very low, it would occur mostly outdoors and also only if you go barefoot or touch yourself with your hand during a thunderstorm.

In any case, and only for general knowledge, the sensation is a slight discomfort or chill, nothing that affects the health of either humans or pets.

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