Artificial grass is a low-maintenance decorative element, whose installation requires that aspects such as the cost of installation be taken into account.

If you are wondering how much you will need to invest, in this guide we will give you the information you need to start thinking about all the decisions and measures you should take. Do not worry about the investment, in Evolution Grass we will always give you the best budget.

Aspects to consider

The first thing you should do is think about the artificial turf you are going to install and then find out about the following factors. These are the ones that have the most influence on the budget.

Surface area

You must choose the grass that is appropriate for the area where the artificial grass is to be installed. And if the surface needs to be conditioned, the cost in the budget will increase, since tools and related products are needed for the soil conditioning. Therefore, it is estimated that the cost per square metre of soil conditioning is about 12 euros.

Cost per square metre

This factor is variable and its effect on the budget depends on the quality of the grass. You should find out where the artificial turf comes from and the quality of the artificial turf and calculate whether it fits your budget. You can find the price range from 4 euros per square metre to 40 euros per square metre for uninstalled grass.

Type of grass

Another factor that can change the investment in the project is the type of grass:

  • Decorative: ideal for terraces, gardens and swimming pools. There are economic ones, although the most expensive ones tend to be more durable, have drainage systems and are very similar to natural grass.
  • Sport: designed to be much more resistant. Its hardness makes it ideal for being in sports facilities.

Instalación de césped artificial deportivo

Place of installation

  • Terraces, penthouses and gardens: these are the decorative type artificial grasses.
  • Children’s areas: they should have a series of characteristics that, naturally, provide peace of mind for parents.
  • Public spaces: designed to be installed in public and busy places and in shops. They must be resistant to constant use or traffic and low maintenance.

Factors to check the quality/price ratio

There are factors that you should keep in mind when buying synthetic turf.

  • Manufacturing material: latex and polyethylene, both of which are highly recommended.
  • Quality of the yarn: the thickness of the artificial grass fibres or bristles can be monofibre or fibrillated, which directly affects its ability to recover.
  • Height of the blades: there are from 20mm to 45mm, again this depends on your needs and requirements.
  • Stitches: the higher the density of the threads, the better the quality.
  • Curly fiber: whether or not artificial turf has this type of fiber affects its price. The purchase of turf with or without curly fibre must be considered carefully. An artificial turf without curly fibre may require silica sand or other infill, which would involve extra expense.
  • CEE and reaction to fire certification: if the turf has these certifications the price/performance ratio is likely to be affected.
  • UVA stabilisation: if it does not have this feature, synthetic turf may be more economical, but it will not last as long as a protected turf.
  • Durability guarantee: the best quality turf is guaranteed for 12 years.

Factores para comprobar la relación calidad-precio del césped

Extras for the installation of artificial turf

Irrigation system

If you have artificial turf in your garden, you may want to install an irrigation system for the plants that decorate it, such as a drip system. A drip irrigation system with an electronic programmer has a value of 50


The best artificial grasses come prepared for liquid drainage. When they are installed on hard floors with drains such as terraces, balconies or patios, they can be improved by placing a drainage mesh to benefit the flow of water. This has a value of 15€. 


Some models of artificial grass such as monofiber and fibrillated, need more than others of fillers such as silica sand, the most common has a cost of 4.25 ? / 25 kg.


There are several tools that help maintain artificial turf.

  • There are special cleaners such as the anti-static cleaner, while disinfecting removes electrostatic charges from the artificial turf and has a value of 7
  • The sweeping machines are able to lift the dirt from the synthetic turf, storing it in a compartment and at the same time lifting the fibers, leaving the turf impeccable. Its value is 129 euros.
  • Products that aromatize the lawn, giving it the characteristic smell of freshly cut grass, these fragrances have the microencapsulation system that consists of releasing the aroma at the time the capsule of smell is broken by friction, its duration is 5 months indoors and 1 month outdoors, can be extended to 3 months. Its cost is 11 euros.
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