We’ve already talked about artificial turf, but there’s always more to learn. Today we will talk about cutting artificial turf, because if we have a very good quality turf and we cut it badly we simply lose the money and if we have a low quality or medium quality one, perhaps we can enhance it with proper cutting and installation.

Needless to say, a good mowing will not only make the lawn look beautiful aesthetically, but will also ensure that every area is properly covered without any leaks.

Step by step

To make good cuts it is necessary to follow some steps that will make everything much easier and better, let’s see what they are:

  • We must buy the necessary footage of artificial grass, and even a little more.
  • When we have the material on site, we must place it upside down, that is, the grass will be facing down while we make the marks for the cuts. This is so that the grass is not mistreated or marked with colours.
  • Then we proceed to mow, taking care to follow the marks.


¿Cómo cortar el césped sintético?

To make the cuts in the artificial grass we must have:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Marker.
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Cutter, we recommend the industrial type, whose blade will have a thickness proportional to the thickness of the grass.
  • Gloves.

Important: both marks and cuts must be made on the back of the material.

When is the cutter used when installing artificial grass?

The artificial turf cutter is used for 3 basic functions:

  • To make cut marks by making small cuts at a certain distance and then joining them together with a line and proceeding to cut.
  • Cutting: not only joining the small cuts, but also removing the necessary sections of grass when there are drains, columns or steps in the ground.
  • Clean up the lawn when pieces are found that have been mistreated by use.

Recommendations for mowing artificial grass

As in all the processes of installation of a material or coating, when installing artificial grass we must take the greatest care and attention in what we are doing, always bearing in mind that the idea is to improve a space.

Recomendaciones para cortar el césped artificial

The recommendations for cutting are:

  • Measure correctly.
  • Buy the necessary material and a little more.
  • Present it on the surface before cutting.
  • Make all the necessary marks on the back, first with a marker of a bright and visible color and then with the cutter.
  • To join the marks, it is very useful to use a wooden strip about 10 cm wide and as long as it is most useful for the space in which we are going to install the lawn.
  • The scissors must be sharp, as well as the blades of the cutter, which should preferably be industrial, because if we use one for handicrafts the blades will bend and split, it will take us longer and we run the risk of cutting ourselves.
  • Important when mowing lawns: wear gloves to protect your hands.
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