It is important to install artificial turf with rubber, because the safety of the player is paramount; moreover, it is similar to the football pitch as it does not change its characteristics and therefore the ball moves properly, cushions falls and the impact of the footprint when running, which avoids injuries to legs and joints. In fact, many sports doctors recommend it and bet on artificial turf.

One of the functions of rubber grass is that it can be subjected to daily play and practice without detriment to its appearance, adapting to different climatic temperatures. It does not require extensive maintenance, but rather supervision so that there is no deformation that could cause discomfort to the player.

Importance of rubber in artificial sports turf

Artificial grass with rubber has become one of the most requested because its appearance is similar to natural grass, providing comfort during games or practices. One of the benefits is that scratches, burns and injuries are avoided because they absorb the shocks from the rubber. Its main function is to protect the grass.

Importancia del caucho en el césped artificial deportivo

Rubber or cork?

There are differences that make the difference between one and the other; therefore, we must study which is the best option when it comes to choosing the padding and the comfort that must be had for the players.

  • Cork on grass: it is an excellent material, it does not retain odour, it is biodegradable, but it retains humidity; that is why its maintenance must be more exclusive as it tends to discolour the grass. However, it can be used for football pitches.
  • On the other hand, rubber on grass: it is ideal because its appearance is the same as natural grass, it is recyclable, has good cushioning, does not smell of rubber and is easy to maintain; furthermore, it reduces water consumption, considering itself another friend of the planet.

¿Caucho o corcho para el césped artificial?

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